Car Knowledge by Nashua Kia: All You Need to Know About Gaskets

Gaskets are important because they bind at least two surfaces together in your vehicle to prevent gases and fluids from leaking and mixing. We value our Nashua, NH consumers, and we want to provide them with useful information that helps them keep their vehicles in good condition.

Gaskets are made to handle extreme temperatures and are long-lasting. They will eventually need to be changed with wear. It is necessary to have damaged gaskets changed at the first signs of wear. A deteriorating gasket can cause serious damage to your engine, which will result in expensive repairs.

A common sign that lets you know a gasket is failing is a white substance that is around or in the oil. If you notice a substance that looks like mayonnaise on the oil stick when you check your oil level, then you may need to have your gaskets inspected. Bubbling, gurgling, and foaming around the radiator could mean there is a hole in one of the gaskets.

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