How to Pack a Roadside Emergency Kit for Your Vehicle

The team at Nashua KIA wants to help you to pack your roadside emergency kit correctly to deal with various roadside issues.

Pack a few cans of tire fix-a-flat, be certain your vehicle has a working jack, spare tire, and the tire iron is in the trunk too.

Pack a small bag with plenty of tools that can help get you and your disabled car moving. The bag should contain a hammer, scissors, multi-tool, socket set, knife, pliers, and even a roll of duct tape.

To avoid being disabled with your vehicle too long, it makes sense to carry things like a set of jumper cables and an empty gas can. These items make it so much easier for another motorist to come along and offer assistance immediately rather than you waiting around for help to bring those tools.

Keep your vehicle in the best shape by having our service staff inspect all the moving parts.



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