Find Out What Brake Fluid Actually Is and What It Does

Have you ever wondered what's happening inside your car while pressing the brake pedal? Well, wonder no more, as we'll quickly explain to you how brake fluid works and describe what it is.

Hydraulic fluid, more commonly known as brake fluid, is a non-compressible substance that's able to handle high pressure and temperatures. Brake fluid rests on your brake lines. When you press the brake pedal, pistons compress inside the brake calipers, and this causes pressure to build upon the brake lines. This built-up pressure forces the hydraulic fluid down on the brake pads, and the pads push against the wheels, resulting in lowered wheel rotation. This is what causes your car to slow down or stop when pressing the brake pedal.

Brake fluid doesn't last forever, though. As time goes on, hydraulic fluid encounters contaminants and moisture, causing your brakes to perform poorly. An easy way to prevent this is to bring your car to the service center at Nashua KIA, where the technicians will be able to replace your brake fluid with fresh, high-quality hydraulic fluid for optimal performance.

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