Testing Your Car's Battery: How It Works

Want to make sure that your battery is still working at its best? You could prevent an emergency situation where you stuck on the side of the road just by performing a test of your battery each year. Most mechanics recommend getting a multimeter to test that your battery is fully charged. These affordable devices can be picked up anywhere and allow you to test the charge of your battery on the fly.

Most vehicle's batteries should have a charge of 12.6 and over. If you notice that your car is lower than that, then your battery may be losing its charge. This becomes more of an issue during extremely cold temperatures when your battery is more susceptible to losing its charge.

To pass a test with a multimeter, your battery has to maintain its charge at least 9.6 volts for as long as 15 seconds before getting a readout. Do you think your battery is dying? Stop by our showroom in Nashua KIA to get it checked.



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