These Two Oil Change Myths Need Debunking

At Nashua Kia, we think it's important that our customers are as informed as possible. That's why today, we wanted to debunk a few myths about a common car necessity: oil changes. When changing your motor oil, you should keep in mind the following myths, and remember that they aren't true.

Firstly, you don't need to change your oil if it's black. Usually, black oil just means your engine is doing its job. There's no need to change your oil just because the color has changed from its original amber.

The next myth is that once you use synthetic oil, you can never go back. While this was true 40 years ago, technology has now advanced to the point where this is no longer the case. Feel free to use synthetic oil in newer model cars - older models though, and you might want to ask a mechanic.

Feel free to visit us at Nashua Kia if you have servicing needs. If not, we'd be happy to answer your questions.

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