Here at Nashua Kia serving Nashua, NH shoppers, we have a goal to help drivers stay safe. Winter tires are a good investment because they enhance safety during the winter, and it's vital to choose a winter tire that offers optimal protection.

Studded snow and ice tires have strong metal studs within the tread. These tires should only be used on icy surfaces because they can cause damage to clear roads. Many states only allow studded tires to be used during the winter, and they are completely restricted in some states.

Studless winter tires are made to handle deep snow and ice but don't have metal studs. These tires have an aggressive tread with a depth that can quickly remove snow and slush from under the tires. Studless winter tires also have tiny slits in the tread that help with acceleration, deceleration and stopping on icy surfaces. Performance winter tires were designed to give you a good balance of open-road capability and increased traction. These are suitable if you live where there's little snow and cold temperatures.

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