Synthetic automotive oil is a manmade fluid using a choice selection of chemical compounds. Scientists use the compounds to create a product that offers better engine performance compared to conventional oil. The oil inhibits evaporation loss while providing greater protection against breakdown and sludge formation. When it is time to have your vehicle serviced, schedule maintenance with one of our Nashua, NH Nashua Kia technicians.

Synthetic oil typically costs more compared to traditional vehicle oil. However, blends are available that combine synthetic components with conventional oil. Blends provide more benefits. But they are slightly inferior to full synthetic products.

New vehicles are designed to use synthetic motor oil for each oil change. Otherwise, the engine may suffer expensive damage. Using any other type of product may also cause the vehicle warranty to become null and void. At our Nashua, NH dealership, our garage technicians will tell owners which engine oils are best for your vehicle make and model.

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