How Long Should You Keep Your Tires?

Tires can last for a long time, but it really depends on how much you drive. Many tires come with a 50,000-mile warranty but some can last longer. It's important to see the signs if your tires are wearing out.

Tires that look smooth along the edges near the sidewall are beyond repair. The tread is wearing out and there are likely weak spots in these areas. This could leave you flat - literally - if not replaced.

Tires that constantly look low could be losing air. This could be because of a nail or some other leak but could also be from wear. Look for possible holes or bulges that could be the problem.

We at Nashua Kia in Nashua, NH want to keep you on the road. We are happy to look at your tires and replace them. Stop by Nashua Kia to have your tires checked and replaced today.

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