At Nashua Kia, we think that our customers should know what makes their car run and able to drive safely on Nashua, NH roads. A key component in the operation of the car is the timing belt. This vital component is needed to make the engine run.

A damaged belt can cause a car to stop suddenly. It can also lead to severe damage to the engine. The good news is that it is not very difficult to maintain the timing belt in your vehicle. Most vehicles have a specified mileage amount when the belt should be replaced. Following this protocol should result in a fully operational timing belt.

It is also important to quickly repair any damaged or worn-out belts as soon as possible. Signs of a worn belt include high-pitched sounds coming from the hood of the vehicle and wiring sticking out from the hood. Failing to replace a worn belt can cause severe damage to the engine. It is much cheaper and easier to replace the belt than have to do extensive engine repair or a complete engine replacement.

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