Don't Forget To Change Your Wipers For Clear Visibility

We at Nashua Kia want our customers in Nashua, NH to always stay safe when driving on the road. This is why we are reminding them to make sure they check their windshield wiper blades and replace them if needed.

Your wiper blades were not designed to last forever. They are subject to wear and tear from being used as well as from the elements. The sun and oxidation from the air will make them less effective. Eventually, wiper blades will leave behind streaks, and this will impact your visibility.

When you start seeing streaks appear on your windshield from the blades, then it is time to replace them. Skipping and chattering windshields are another sign that the rubber in the blades has worn out. You can easily find new blades at automotive stores. After you have selected new windshield wiper blades, remove the old ones, and install the new ones to get clear visibility in your windshield.

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