Handling the Steer

Whether you intend to or not, there will likely be a time when you enter a slide. The way that you handle the slide is sometimes called oversteer or understeer. When you're turning your car and it seems like it still wants to go straight on the road, you're understeering. On the other hand, oversteering is when the back of the car wants to spin around so that it gets ahead of the headlights.

A front-wheel drive vehicle tends to understeer more often because of the work that the front tires have to do when you're driving. The car simply doesn't turn in the direction that you want it to go even though you're turning the steering wheel on the road in Nashua. If you try to drive into a curve a bit too fast or too hard, then you often encounter oversteering.

If you encounter any kind of slide, then you want to gently lift your foot off the accelerator. If you're oversteering, you want to turn the wheel into the direction of the slide. Once you've straightened the car, you can visit Nashua Kia to ensure that there isn't any damage to the tires or the other steering components of the vehicle.

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