A Look Inside Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirrors

Nighttime raises driving's difficulty level. Importantly, at Nashua Kia in Nashua, NH, our auto lineup includes features that decrease night driving's hazards. Let's talk about one of those features now.

Electrochromic, or auto-dimming, rearview mirrors improve your night-driving safety. They reduce the glare reflected by the mirror, and they prevent the Troxler Effect, which is the official term for those spots you see after looking at a bright light source. With less glare and fewer blind spots, you can react faster to road and traffic conditions.

Inside any auto-dimming rearview mirror, you will find circuitry. A photodiode, or light-converting sensor, rests at one end of the circuit, and the mirror's electrochromic gel awaits at the other. When light enters the photodiode, it becomes an electric charge. That charge travels the circuit to the gel. Instantly, the gel's oxidation-reducing reaction darkens the mirror. Of course, the opposite occurs when the photodiode senses less light.

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