Whether you need to transport people around Nashua, NH and want your car to look professional, or you just enjoy a clean vehicle, proper detailing can make a big difference. Nashua Kia can give you several tips and tricks on how to restore your vehicle so that it looks like new.

The hard-plastic components of the interior can accumulate scuffs and dirt from use. The area around the gas and brake pedals can especially get dirty. Using a multipurpose cleaner and microfiber cloth can loosen and remove most types of dirt. If you encounter an exceptionally difficult spot, use a bit of isopropyl alcohol.

The best way to deep clean your carpets is to use a hot water extractor. Before using one, spray your carpets with a non-foaming cleaner in order to make it easier for the extractor to remove dirt. Using a regular vacuum prior to the extractor can also make a big difference.

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