How to Test Your Car's Battery

If you have a poorly functioning battery, you could find yourself stranded before you know it. That is why we here at Nashua Kia of Nashua, NH want to make absolutely sure you know how to test your car battery.

Start by hooking a voltmeter up to the proper positive and negative battery terminals once the car is completely turned off. The magic number to remember when looking at your battery is 12.4 volts. Anything above this value means that you have a battery that is functioning well and anything below this value should inform you that you need to replace your battery as quickly as possible as to avoid the possibility that your car won't start the next time you go to start it up.

Need some experienced automotive professionals to order and install your next battery and dispose of the old one? Then give our team at Nashua Kia of Nashua, NH a call to schedule an appointment today!

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