Is Your Car's Ignition Acting Funny?

When you turn your key to crank the engine and nothing happens, you might assume a dead battery is the cause of your troubles. It could be a bad solenoid. The solenoid is responsible for delivering current to the engine. The solenoid also pushes the starter drive into the flywheel.

If you heard a grinding noise when turning your key, it could either be the solenoid or a bad starter drive. It is also possible that the flywheel is damaged. All of these situations require an urgent repair to prevent any additional car damage.

At Nashua KIA in Nashua, NH, we'll check out a malfunctioning ignition. Our team of technicians does thorough troubleshooting and repair services. If we find that any parts have failed, we have replacements available. Stop in to see us if you notice any ignition problems.

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