Learn What May Be Causing Your Brakes to Feel Soft and What You Can Do

Many different factors can cause a soft or spongy brake. Here are a few reasons why your brakes may feel soft instead of being firm.

The most common reason why brakes feel soft or spongy is that air has gotten into the brake line. There should only be brake fluid in the brake line. Air will disrupt the flow of the brake fluid and cause the spongy feeling. A simple procedure called bleeding the brake line will get rid of the air in the brake line. It will also restore firmness to the brakes.

Another cause of a soft brake pedal is a damaged brake line. This may be due to rusting. The rust can cause the hose lines to collapse. This can cause brake fluid to seep out and reduce hydraulic pressure. It will then lead to a soft and spongy brake.

If your car's brake pedal does not feel firm, then you need to head to Nashua KIA. Our repair team can inspect your braking system and diagnose the issue that needs to be addressed.



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